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About us

Bondi Beauty Collections are one of the most celebrated fashion brands and stunning ranges to come out of the ever impressive and highly fashionable Bondi Beach in sunny Sydney, Australia.   Bondi Beach is a year round natural attraction for local and international beauties. Not only is it the famous beach in Australia, but it is world renowned for its modern, funky, fashionable and laid back style.   It’s no wonder that A-list celebrities are frequently snapped by paparazzi during their almost guaranteed visits to Bondi.

Bondi Beauty Collections comprise of three core collections;  Bondi Beauty SWIMWEAR COLLECTION, Bondi Beauty INTIMATES COLLECTION and, the highly popular, Bondi Beauty ELEGANCE COLLECTION.   Each collection is an essential ingredient for any women’s wardrobe and will have you covered for just about any occasion whether private or public, daytime right through to nighttime and back.

The Bondi beauty, grace, elegance and charm are represented in these magnificent collections each with their own appeal, comfort, sexiness and fashion statement.   These collections are a tribute to the beautiful Bondi babe who wants to step out in style and not get lost in the crowd.

Live the Bondi lifestyle and feel like a Bondi Beauty!